“I’m the manager of the LDS Endoscopy Department. I wanted to take a moment and thank CRC Construction for your Superintendent.  He has been phenomenal for us. There have been countless headaches and challenges regarding this “Boom Installation Project.” I can absolutely say, it would not have been the same without his dedicated services.  He worked very hard at accommodating to our ongoing and busy patient caseloads.  He was kind and compassionate the whole way through.  He worked hard at keeping all of us up to date with things and on track. Overseeing the details of this project was simply impossible considering all of my other responsibilities. He worked hand in hand with my clinical engineer to ensure top notch quality when it comes to our complicated endoscopy equipment.  I speak for all 40 of my staff. We all really appreciated him.”


Intermountain LDS Hospital

“I want to thank you and your team for a job well done.  Finishing ahead of schedule and on budget is always positive.  Your Superintendent and your subcontractors were excellent to work with.  I enjoyed interacting with them.  Overall the experience with CRC was fantastic and I hope to work with you again sometime in the near future.” Sincerely,


FCI Property Management


“I had nothing short of an outstanding experience with CRC Construction and their superintendent in handling the challenges presented with the site as well as the landlord and their contractor. As with any retail restaurant chain, we take in to great consideration time, money and construction quality. From these standpoints, I felt their superintendent was looking out for our interest on all fronts. The quality of the fit and finish made the turn over process to our ultimate client, the operations department a pleasant experience.” Sincerely,


Chipotle Mexican Grill

“We have worked with numerous contractors and completed numerous project in the past and found CRCConstruction to be of exceptional integrity and capability. Earlier this year, CRC constructed our 72 nd Street Clinic, a 9,400sf primary care medical facility. The project was on time at an accelerated 80 day schedule, on budget and a cost 33% below the architects’ cost estimates. We’ve many compliments regarding the fit and finish of the project.” Sincerely,


Community Health Centers, Inc.